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Domaine Tempier

Vintage 2016

"Every year we try to look for similarities and compare the new vintage with the previous ones. And every year we have to admit that the each one is unique and 2016 is no exception to the rule.

After the end of 2015 harvest it rained several times, but not a lot and that was followed by a mild, dry winter.

Spring was also dry; it rained several times but not very much, not enough to fill the water table. The weather was unusually cool, the atmospheric conditions were very good.

Summer came along; it was very dry and got hotter and hotter with a lot of wind until the harvest.

We had thought of not starting very early due to the cool conditions at the beginning of the season and late ripening, but then the hot and dry weather at the end of August made us start harvesting on August 26 for the rosé wine. There was some rain on Septembre 14, but it didn't improve ripening or the plant's health. The grapes were very healthy; we sought the best compromise between maturity and balance.

We must congratulate our teams who are required to adapt to more and more surprising harvesting conditions. Thanks to them we managed to harvest the two sites with maximum efficiency.

Indeed, it was the very first time we made wine from La Laidière whose vines we had been tending for a year. Despite the different orientation and soil, we noticed very little difference in maturity between the two sites : we started and finished at the same time, with the similar ripening gap between the vine varieties.

We expected a dramatic loss of volume due to lack of rain. In fact it is only 15% and we are amazed that the vines were able to withstand the drought. It seems our preliminary work on preparing the soil was worthwhile, along with a bountiful growth this year.

The fermenting stage is long: due to the drought there was little yeast on the grape skins.

The first tasting are promising. The wines are balanced thanks to the remarkable freshness for the sort of year we went trough. We'll have to wait longer before making an announcement about the 2016 potentiel, which again is different from the former ones."

Daniel Ravier, November 2016