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Domaine Tempier

Lulu's recipes

La bouillabaisse

Buy small fish and shellfish for a fish soup base, mussels, as well as a selection of bigger fish such as rockfish, conger eel, John Dory, rainbow wrasse, gurnards and whiting.

1) Make a fish soup base with the small fish and shellfish, onion, garlic, carrots, leeks, fennel, bay leaves and a large volume of water with saffron in it. Strain and leave to cool.

2) Add onions, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes and a bunch of fennel to the stock pan. When the potatoes are almost cooked, lay the larger firm-fleshed fish over them and the more delicate ones on top of these. Bring to the boil, allowing the mussels to open at the surface.

3) Serve with a ‘rouille’ – a mayonnaise made with garlic, one or two hot red chillies and saffron which has been mixed with a tiny amount of stock.  
Serve with garlic-rubbed croutons.

String - Turned roast leg of lambe

Take a whole or a short-cut leg of lamb. Ask the butcher not to cut away the tendon.

Lay the lamb in thyme, summer savory, olive oil and salt overnight. To roast the lamb, hang it in the fireplace – 10cm above a long dish – in front of a lively fire, at first in front of the flames and then the embers, for three hours.

The string allows the leg of lamb to turn around on itself. Keep a dish of olive oil, salt and pepper to hand and baste the lamb frequently using a small brush made of thyme, rosemary or summer savory.

The leg of lamb should not stop turning. Towards the end of the cooking time, spike the meat to check it is cooked through and, depending whether you like it pink or well done, remove the lamb after up to three hours.

(picture 2) Dec. 4, 2009: Lulu and Alice Waters, owner of the famous restaurant "Chez Panisse" in Berkeley, California, who should be the preface to the cookbook by Richard Olney "Lulu's Provencal Table" ...   

The bourride

Buy small fish and crabs for a fish soup base and a selection of larger white fish such as monkfish, John Dory, gurnard and conger eel.

1) Make a fish soup base with the small fish and crabs, onion, garlic, fennel and bay leaves. Pour the liquid through  a strainer, then through a cloth.
2) Make an aioli (garlic mayonnaise) with a little garlic and one egg yolk per person.
3) Place the white fish into the cooled stock and bring to the boil, allowing it to simmer until the fish is cooked.
4) Lay the fish either on slices of bread in a dish or with slices of potato cooked in the stock. 
5) Pour the stock with the aioli into a pan over a bain-marie and whisk until the mixture becomes creamy, without allowing it to boil.  
6) Pour a ladleful of the creamy sauce over the fish and bread or potatoes, and the rest into a soup tureen.
Serve in soup plates.